A Coming of Age Novel That Will Make You Question Your Beliefs

Do Not Believe in God Till You Experience Him

Does Karma exist? Is it possible to remember past life? Are there clairvoyant people who can see your aura and know of your past and future? Is it possible to have "out of the body" experience? Can there be transmigration of souls? Do our dreams tell us something? Can a Guru help you liberate from the cycle of life and death? Is there life on other planets and solar systems? Are there intelligent beings in outer space who are observing us? Do some people know when the world will end? Is it possible to be prepared for the end of the times and to move on to a new civilization? What is the purpose of my life? A series of mysterious coincidences lead a child from a remote village in India, 

Settling little controversy around the title of my book

Praise for Do Not Believe in God Till You Experience Him

"An Engrossing Read"

This novel is an astutely abridged, remarkable collection of these author’s range of life experiences from his childhood through to his journey of self-discovery and redemption.

Amazon 4.7/5 Stars

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 who would not have any future otherwise, make leaps of progress. His curiosity led him to attend some conferences given by a Brazilian missionary representing a cult in Spain headed by a Spiritual leader from Mexico. There was an instant attraction. The boy cuts his family connections, overlooks his career aspirations and lands up in the monastery in the Cataluna region of Spain to be a missionary. The spiritual head of the cult directs all the
followers to abandon their worldly connections and prepare for the doomsday and creation of a new human race. The followers built safe houses and prepared fervently in line with the instructions of the spiritual head. The doomsday prediction does not materialize and what follows is chaos and
disorientation. The protagonist survives to tell his story."

"Eye Opener for Blind Believers"

Between the din and bustle of daily life and everyday struggles of a commonera man's search for spirituality and meaning of life is a chord that plays in everyone's life.

Amazon 4.5/5 Stars

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A book’s a dream that you hold in your hand. Whenever you read a good book, somewhere in the world a door opens to allow in more light.

"Mukul hails from a small historical town, Rajgir in Nalanda district in the state of Bihar. Coming from a humble background, he gained rich experience as he traversed through different phases of his life. Due to poor educational infrastructure back home, he was forced to travel, first to Patna and then to Delhi, for higher studies. He has a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Delhi University.

The search for excellence that started with his pursuit for education, continued with his professional career. Mukul joined the IT industry as he came out of college, and has been travelling across the globe working out of client locations. A man with many unfulfilled dreams and no regrets, Mukul likes to pursue writing, reading, introspection, meditation, traveling and understanding human psyche."

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